An April Spent in India

An April Spent in India

An April spent in India. What struck me most about the world's NEWEST most populated country is the sheer amount of JOY and smiles EVERYWHERE. Blew me away.

My highlights included battling cows on Delhi highways, seeing Taj Mahal at sunrise, learning about how rugs are made in Agra, flying to Mumbai to meet with the SEWA federation, dancing and singing with kids in Kalwa, touring Bombay fish, flower and vegetable markets at sunrise, playing truth or dare on a rickshaw in Ahmedabad, meditating at Gandhi’s ashram, celebrating Shabbat with amazing food, taking a boat to cooking classes in Alibag, finding outfits for our new boy band at the textile night market, getting no sleep and sweating through extreme temperatures, and most importantly building relationships and giggling uncontrollably with an amazing group of people consisting of people I knew for 2 days, 2 years, and 2 decades. Absolutely loved it and will be back.




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