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Tangram Interiors

What an amazing day spent with you, our team is still buzzing. We had strings of conversations going across business units for the following few days, where we were asking people to be vulnerable and share something they did that they had been needing to get done for a while. The comments were electrifying! I can’t thank you both enough for pushing us out of our comfort zone.

Amber Jones, VP Sales


"Someday" only becomes a reality when we take action. Bridget and Joe equip you with practical tools, grounded in solid research and filled with captivating real-life stories. Chock-full of actionable insights to help you turn your dreams into reality.

Ryan Paugh, CEO

Alchemy Sales

Bridget's Make "Someday" Today keynote showed our 300+ sales attendees that creating meaningful experiences is how to not only stand out from the crowd, but to show your clients and employees that they’re seen and valued in an authentic way. Loved hearing her story!

Doug Cartwright, CEO


Bridget demonstrates that you can solve a problem and have a positive impact. An inspiring entrepreneur that shows business can really be an adventure.

Sir Richard Branson, Founder

Tangram Interiors

We walked away inspired to live like there’s no tomorrow and take every opportunity to create the life we want for ourselves. This is the one time a year our team is all in the same space and it is equally inspiring and energizing to celebrate the past year’s successes and encourage one another toward this years goals!

Joseph P. Lozowski, CEO

USC Marshall

Bridget's story motivated me and our students to think about what our own lif stories will be - and how to take the steps to achieve those goals.

Glenn Fox, Professor

Pernod Ricard

Inspiring and downright awesome. Sincere thanks for your commitment and enthusiasm.

Alexandre Ricard, CEO


Bridget and her story is such an inspiration to me, our students, and the Los Angeles business community - she is helping us shape our future here at UCLA.

Patricia Galea, Head of Marketing & Communications


Bridget and Joe's heartfelt and inspiring stories and exercises connected my team at a level I hadn't seen previously. Time with them is a gift!

Cambria Steele, Sales Lead

Sasha Group (a Vayner X co.)

Joe and Bridget inspired my team to follow through on their personal and professional goals together, and as a result my team has never felt closer.

Jared Nixon, SVP Strategic Partnerships

Duke Technology Scholars

I love the way you haven't allowed your dreams to become fleeting thoughts, and I appreciate the honesty with which you shared because you made it possible for all of us to relate to your journey. I'm thankful that you brought that message to us.

Amy Arnold, Executive Director

Starkey Hearing Technologies

The bottom line of business is really people, serving people. Bridget has this. She understands we can be part of a better world.

Bill Austin, Founder

Connect the Dots

Wow! Bridget and Joe's talk brings the real meaning of life back into sharp focus. Their vulnerable and entertaining personal stories left us feeling inspired and ready to take action on the things that matter most in life.

Jerry Meng, CEO

Trevor Noah

I love the impact that Joe and Bridget are having on the world.

Bill Clinton

I appreciate the good work Bridget and Joe are doing. They're great!

Cal Fussman

There's no one that believes in what Bridget and Joe are doing more than me.

Josh Linkner

Their keynote and book are the perfect combination of entertainment, vulnerability, and actionable takeaways. Gave me urgency and reshaped the way I think about my time.

Ben Nemtin

Joe and Bridget are full of heart. Experiential Billionaire is full of stories that will make you laugh, cry, and most importantly take action.

Daymond John

If anyone knows how to make the most out of life's journey, it's Joe and Bridget.

Kim Kardashian

I think what Bridget and Joe are doing is so cool. Inspiring!


Bridget and Joe's vulnerable stories beautifully illustrate what an experience rich life can look like and how it's something we can all achieve. They should teach this in school.