On a Living Spree

It’s tempting to think life would be better if it always ran smoothly, right?

However, as much as you might wish that life was one fun and fulfilling experience after another:

Suffering and hard times teach us lessons that can’t be learned any other way.

But, to reap the benefits that come with hardship, you need to have the right mindset.

You must learn to reframe negative experiences into positive memories (or teachable moments).

This exercise helps you do that.
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When it comes to learning, Mahatma Gandhi put it best:

“Live as if you’ll die tomorrow, learn as if you were to live forever.”

In other words, cultivate a sense of urgency to pursue your desires and dreams now.

But—and this is important—don’t let that stop you from investing in your long-term growth.

When we’re young, we’re constantly learning.

Somewhere along the line, though, that growth starts to wane.

By the time we hit our thirties, the pace of learning has dropped off a cliff.

By middle age, it has slowed to a crawl.

That feels peaceful, in a way.

We don’t have the constant stress of not knowing what to do or how to handle things.

But it’s also boring as hell, not to mention a waste.

We only get one life to explore this world and make the most of ourselves.

As Albert Einstein once said, “Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

Metaphorical death aside, the benefits of being a lifelong learner are vast.

It feels good, helps you discover your talents, expands your world, and is a great social activity.

Plus, it keeps you healthy and creates value for you and others.

So, tap into the power of becoming a lifelong learner.

After all, learning is by nature a meaningful experience.

And it’s one you can tap into right now to enrich your life.

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Yesterday was crazy. Thank you for your support as we launch @experientialbillionaire 📚 and apologies for the delay some of you have received on the hardcover, if you need them sooner please DM us. Our website ExperientialBillionaire.com has signed hardcovers in stock...
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