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I make tools to help leaders and teams build lives, relationships and careers rich in experiences.


Make 'Someday' Today

Backed by science and told through my own life story, I give leaders and their teams the actionable tools they need to navigate the path to a life rich in experiences, while improving mental health, relationships and connection in and out of the workplace.

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About Bridget

Bridget is a leading expert on the art, science, and path to becoming rich in life experiences. Growing up in Flint, MI, she used her love of music as inspiration and hustled her way into the largest record label in the world as a teenager - helping to launch some of today's biggest careers in music. Inspired by a viral video of a deaf woman hearing for the first time, she then founded the first social good electronics company, LSTN Sound Co., sold millions of products, partnered with the likes of Google, Delta Air Lines, and Amazon, was interviewed by Today Show, GMA, NYT, and most importantly traveled the world giving over 50,000 people the gift of hearing. Now as a keynote speaker, co-author of the Experiential Billionaire book and Treasure Maps card game, self proclaimed experiential guinea pig, and facilitator of one of the largest surveys on life experiences ever done, she is passionate about helping others improve their mental health and inspiring them to live intentional, regret free lives by going after fulfilling goals.

I love the impact with social enterprise that Bridget and Joe are making throughout the world.

Trevor Noah

Daily Show

Bridget demonstrates that you can solve a problem and have a positive impact. An inspiring entrepreneur that shows business can really be an adventure.

Sir Richard Branson


I appreciate the good work that Bridget and Joe are doing. They’re great!

Bill Clinton

42nd U.S. President

The bottom line of business is really people, serving people. Bridget has this. She understands we can be part of a better world.

William F. Austin

Starkey Technologies

Bridget and her story is such an inspiration to me, our students, and the Los Angeles business community - she is helping us shape our future here at UCLA.

Patricia Galea

UCLA Head of Marketing & Communication

I think what Bridget and Joe are doing is SO cool. They make dope headphones and speakers and with every purchase, they provide hearing aids to people in need.

Kim Kardashian


Bridget's story motivated our students to think about what they want their own life stories to be - and how to take the steps to achieve those goals.

Professor Glenn Fox PHD

USC Marshall School of Business

Driving Results and Inspiration for Global Brands


Experiential Billionaire

This isn't a bumper sticker that says "Follow Your Dreams". Experiential Billionaire provides the urgency and tools you need for investing in experiential wealth now, not 'someday'.


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Treasure Maps

A deck of 52 thought experiments and exercises to identify, rediscover, and execute on your personal dreams and goals while improving mental health. Designed to do individually, with a partner, or a group.

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Helping Others







Investing in experiences has a bottom line impact on creativity, productivity, relationships, health, happiness, career growth, collaboration, and the overall success of businesses as a whole. Joe Huff and Bridget Hilton’s transformational Treasure Maps workshop takes teams through a powerful and entertaining 60 minutes with long lasting effects.

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