How to Live a Rich Life - an Interview on Joel Evan Podcast

Bridget Hilton | Mental Health, Workplace Belonging, Motivational, Goal Setting Keynote Speaker | Experiential Billionaire Author

Thank you to Joel Evan for having us on the podcast! Loved connecting with you!


What is Experiential Billionaire: Build a Life Rich in Experiences And Die With No Regrets? Our entire lives, we are taught to measure our wealth in currency. But when we reach the end, the number-one regret of the dying isn’t about money. It’s about experiences they wished they’d had—but didn’t.

Our experiences are the real wealth of our lives. But far too many of us lack a real plan for how to seek out and invest in them. Instead, we postpone our personal goals to “someday” and put them off until it’s too late. Joe Huff and Bridget Hilton started life with zero connections, money, fame, or education. By leaning into the joy of remarkable experiences, they ended up working with A-list celebrities, visiting fifty-plus countries and all fifty states, giving away millions of dollars for social good, speaking on stage with Sir Richard Branson, and much more. There bestselling book, Experiential Billionaire unlocks the secrets to living a truly fulfilling and regret-free life in a guidebook backed by compelling research, told through gripping real stories, and filled with actionable takeaways.

In this podcast we get into:

✅ Why 94% of people don't get around to building a rich life? ✅ The best place to visit for food and nature in the world. ✅ How to live a rich life of experiences as a parent with kids ✅ The most surprising thing they learned from traveling all around the world





About Bridget Hilton

Bridget Hilton creates tools to help teams and leaders connect in the workplace through rich experiences and shared goals. Her keynote helps Fortune 500 companies navigate topics of mental health and wellness, burnout, employee belonging and connection, inspiration, motivation, and goal setting. Her book Experiential Billionaire and card deck Treasure Maps is out now. She is located in Los Angeles, CA and is booking keynotes and workshops worldwide now.