The Power of a Conversation

Bridget Hilton | Mental Health, Workplace Belonging, Motivational, Goal Setting, Retention Keynote Speaker | Experiential Billionaire Author

This is my next door neighbor Ron. Ron was one of the 20,000+ people we asked about their most valuable life experiences, their biggest regrets, and what was keeping them from their biggest goals while writing Experiential Billionaire ūüďö One of the many lessons I've learned through this has been the power of a conversation and connection like this with the people around you. You definitely don't have to ask 20k people but I'm using Ron as an example because I've been next door for nearly 3 years and was always friendly, but had no idea what an incredible life story he had and how much wisdom he poured out to me that I can now use in my every day life. I had missed out on that because I was too "busy" to say anything other than "hey how are you" to him every day. It's important to have multi-generational conversations with people both older and younger, but for me the most profound observations have been from the elderly, because as they say... hindsight is 20/20. The experience of hearing thousands of their stories was both moving and bittersweet, because the heartfelt answers we were told only served to confirm our thesis that regrets grow larger as time grows shorter, and that we need to be doing the things we want to do now, not 'someday'.

I now feel like one of MY greatest life experiences was ASKING people about their life experiences. Maybe this will inspire you to ask the people around you those same questions. I'm super excited to share the results, data and takeaways of this giant project through the book (out next month!)



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Bridget Hilton creates tools to help teams and leaders connect in the workplace through rich experiences and shared goals. Her keynote helps Fortune 500 companies navigate topics of mental health and wellness, burnout, employee belonging and connection, inspiration, motivation, and goal setting. Her book Experiential Billionaire and card deck Treasure Maps is out now. She is located in Los Angeles, CA and is booking keynotes and workshops worldwide now.