What memories would you go back to?

Bridget Hilton | Mental Health, Workplace Belonging, Motivational, Goal Setting Keynote Speaker | Experiential Billionaire Author

Something I ask myself on hard days: If I was elderly and/or very ill, and given the chance to re-experience a memory in exchange for all the money I had, what would it be?

I rarely think of the big accomplishments or bucket list items. Even though those things are important, I think of the moments like last night, a long sunset beach walk with my pup. Grateful for the little things in life while they last. ❤️

What memories would you go back to?



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Bridget Hilton creates tools to help teams and leaders connect in the workplace through rich experiences and shared goals. Her keynote helps Fortune 500 companies navigate topics of mental health and wellness, burnout, employee belonging and connection, inspiration, motivation, and goal setting. Her book Experiential Billionaire and card deck Treasure Maps is out now. She is located in Los Angeles, CA and is booking keynotes and workshops worldwide now.