On a Living Spree

What I Learned From Traveling to All 50 States
According to research, half of all Americans see fewer than ten states in their lifetimes. I’ve never understood this; I still don’t. But I had a decent head start, growing up in the Midwest. Roadtrips as a kid let me see Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Missouri, Colorado. I then toured with bands as a teenager, when I first visited states like New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. My first “real” music industry job was when I covered territory including Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky. When I moved to California I fell in love with the west coast and explored everywhere I could. I then decided to make this an actual goal after the 2016 election to form a deeper understanding of our country. When talking about this goal, people would be quick to state how many countries they’d visited, but not many people knew how many states they had been to, which I found to be interesting.
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Hoffman Process - a Year Into the Journey
Thank you to the Hoffman Process for cultivating safe spaces in my life. Happy one year anniversary. Growing with this community has been the most incredible experience and I’m forever indebted for how my life and happiness has improved since first attending....
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Bridget Hilton
Foggy day dream come true. A visit to Rick Rubin’s legendary Shangri-La studios in Malibu, where some of the greatest artists of our time have recorded, The Last Waltz was filmed, and which property includes Bob Dylan’s 70’s tour bus...
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Happy 10 Years to LSTN
I am mostly proud of having been the ground all over the world giving 50,000+ people hearing for the first time - and how that has impacted their own futures, families and communities. What a gift this has been in my life.

Secondly I am proud of how no matter what, we have always had fun doing it. It has DEFINITELY not always been easy but it has been full of moments with the most hysterical laughter and joy I could’ve possibly imagined. Selling millions of products is cool, but enjoying the ride is FAR more important.
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Bridget Hilton | UCLA
At the end of 2021 I listed out my goals for the new year, and one of them was “join a board for something I’m passionate about”. ✅ I’m excited to join the board of UCLA as Advisor to the Dean of Extension. Learning is my greatest passion in life, so this was an interesting choice for a few reasons. I never attended university, in fact I never really thought it was a possibility or was even a discussion growing up. I’ve had a chip on my shoulder because I never got that experience/network/etc. BUT certainly never let it stop me from learning, and ultimately it was the right path for me (not everyone is so lucky).

So, during the pandemic UCLA started a program called UCLAxOPEN that provides free classes to anyone in the world who wants to take them. I loved this immediately. I always have believed talent is evenly distributed, OPPORTUNITY is not. Free/low cost ACCESS to education/knowledge can truly change the world by giving people a more level playing field. A common saying I think about is "what if the cure for cancer is within someone who cannot afford education?" I believe we’re seeing just the very beginning of a shift in education on a major level and I’m excited to be a tiny tiny part of magnifying personal growth opportunities in LA and beyond through this historic organization. #knowledgeispower
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