Experiential Billionaire

By Bridget Hilton and Joe Huff

Build a Life Rich in Experiences and Die With No Regrets

When was the last time you had a once-in-a-lifetime experience? What about just a memorable one? What about something you did for the first time? Was it months ago? Years?

Now, when was the last time you thought, I want to do that! …and followed it up with a vague mental promise that you would do it “someday,” before pushing it down into the back of your mind? Last week? Yesterday?

You’ve probably got some good things going for you. Maybe you have a great job, a wonderful family, your favorite creature comforts. You look at your daily existence and think, “Hey, it’s not perfect, but I’ve got it better than a lot of other people. I can’t complain.”

Still, there’s this nagging feeling that you should be getting more out of life. 

For many people, complacency gets stronger as you get older and settle into long-term routines of work and family. You focus so hard on taking care of the business of life (which is not easy) that you stop exploring, learning, and making time for the things you just want to do. You tell yourself there will be time for once-in-a-lifetime later—when you graduate, when you start your career, when you get promoted, when you have more money, when you’re less busy, when the kids are a little older, when you retire. 

But years go by, and “someday” is no closer than it ever was. In the moments when you feel time passing—maybe on your birthday, on New Year’s Eve, or in the quiet of the night—that yearning for more hits you in the gut.

Don’t ignore it. You’ve been ignoring it your whole life, and it never magically went away. Time to stop waiting around and do something about it, now.

This isn't a bumper sticker that says "Follow Your Dreams". Experiential Billionaire provides real tools for building experiential wealth in a guidebook backed by compelling research, told through gripping real-life stories, and filled with actionable takeaways.

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