Interview: The School of Why
In this episode of The School of WHY, Frankie Russo sits down with the incomparable Bridget Hilton, a beacon of resilience and inspiration. From battling depression and drugs in Flint, MI, to riding the waves of the music industry's giants, Bridget's tale is one of transformation and triumph. Her passion project, LSTN, not only broke barriers in the world of electronics but has also restored the gift of hearing to over 50,000 individuals. Dive into her mission as the co-author of "Experiential Billionaire" [releasing September 2023] and the innovative "Treasure Maps" card game, and discover how she's leveraging her experiences to spark a global movement focused on mental health and intentional living. Prepare to be moved, motivated, and maybe even a little musical as we explore Bridget's audacious journey. 🎡 🌍 #TheSchoolofWHY #BridgetHilton #LiveIntentionally
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