Exercise: Have the Best Day Ever

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Have the “best day ever” with your partner, close family member, or best friend. I started doing this in 2010 with my friend Matt. We had seen "Treat Yourself Day" on Parks & Recreation which inspired us to create our own. One Saturday, we took Matt's old convertible and drove it down PCH with giant iced coffees and Tom Petty blasting on the speakers, got massages, went to a gun range and (safely) shot at targets, ate at our favorite Studio City sushi spot, giggled while we prank called friends, played Marco Polo in a pool, ate a giant cheese plate in a hot tub, ordered every dessert on the menu for dinner at a restaurant we had seen on Top Chef, and watched our favorite show Arrested Development with some Red Stripes. It was so fun!

What would your best day ever look like? Write down and plan a list of as many fun activities you can fit into one day as possible.

- Document and share it to inspire others to do their own “best day ever.”

- If you need a big gift for someone you love, this is a great way to show your appreciation - plan a day of all their favorite things!

Many times, the things I want to do are free or cheap, and can all be local.

Over time, your best day ever will change. Everything I did on my first one in 2010 was super fun, but as time goes on and I get older my favorite things change.

What would mine be in 2023? (with friends, locally):

- Delicious coffee to start the day

- A hike in the canyons at sunrise

- Surf, swim or paddle

- Sushi for lunch

- Read

- Watching the sunset on the beach

- Making homemade pizza for dinner

- S'mores at the campfire, under the stars

- Watching stand up comedy with some natural wine and my dog

- A good nights sleep :) 





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