Workplace Engagement - Problem and Solution

Workplace Engagement - Problem and Solution
There's a Big Problem With Workplace Engagement.
  • The job market continues to boom, with millions of workers still leaving their jobs each month despite talk of a slowing economy and recession. Also booming, according to recent Gallup polling, worker disengagement and unhappiness.
  • This is not just an HR issue but a bottom line one as well: business units with engaged workers have 23% higher profit, while employees who are not engaged cost the world $7.8 trillion in lost productivity, equal to 11% of global GDP.
  • Sixty percent of people reported being emotionally detached at work and 19% as being miserable. Only 33% reported feeling engaged ­­— and that is even lower than 2020.

So What Can I Help With?

  • My keynotes and workshops have been proven to help employees feel more engaged. Afterward, employees develop and maintain strong feelings of accomplishment and belonging. By helping teams, individuals and groups of all sizes achieve goals and shared experiences, the results help fuel motivation and creativity, enhance and deepen relationships, and allow careers, teams, business and community at large to thrive.

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About Bridget Hilton

Bridget Hilton creates tools to help teams and leaders connect in the workplace through rich experiences and shared goals. Her keynote helps Fortune 500 companies navigate topics of mental health and wellness, burnout, employee belonging and connection, inspiration, motivation, and goal setting. Her book Experiential Billionaire and card deck Treasure Maps is out now. She is located in Los Angeles, CA and is booking keynotes and workshops worldwide now.