93% Indoors?!

Bridget Hilton | Mental Health, Workplace Belonging, Motivational, Goal Setting, Retention Keynote Speaker | Experiential Billionaire Author

Instead of a conference room or coffee shop for your next meeting, meet up with a colleague for a hike, paddleboard, or playing catch outside. According to the EPA, the average American spends 93% of their life indoors. That’s only one-half of one day per week outdoors. Depressing! But that means you have the power to easily be above average, and it’s more fun (and better for you and your work relationships) than Zoom or an office. 😉




About Bridget Hilton

Bridget Hilton creates tools to help teams and leaders connect in the workplace through rich experiences and shared goals. Her keynote helps Fortune 500 companies navigate topics of mental health and wellness, burnout, employee belonging and connection, inspiration, motivation, and goal setting. Her book Experiential Billionaire and card deck Treasure Maps is out now. She is located in Los Angeles, CA and is booking keynotes and workshops worldwide now.