Happy 10 Years to LSTN

Happy 10 Years to LSTN

10 years ago today we launched LSTN on the Today Show. The company that gave me a purpose, made me a full time entrepreneur and changed every part of my life and future for the better. The idea that pushed me further than I was ever expected to go, with enough experiences for a lifetime in just one decade.

I am mostly proud of having been the ground all over the world giving 50,000+ people hearing for the first time - and how that has impacted their own futures, families and communities. What a gift this has been in my life.

Secondly I am proud of how no matter what, we have always had fun doing it. It has DEFINITELY not always been easy but it has been full of moments with the most hysterical laughter and joy I could’ve possibly imagined. Selling millions of products is cool, but enjoying the ride is FAR more important.

Quitting my previous career, going all in on an idea to start the first social good electronics company, having blind faith in myself and my absolute superhero partner Joe Huff (who I literally met twice and high fived instead of making a biz plan or contract before we jumped on a plane to tour Chinese factories together) was the best decision I’ve ever made.

I love you Joe, Zoya, Max, and Starkey Hearing Foundation. Thanks for the memories and for making dreams come true. Throwback pic from 2012 in my apartment in North Hollywood.




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